Tuesday, 30 March 2010

photo shoot at Ham House

well a week or so ago (17/03) Siobhan, Megan, Edd and myself all popped along to ham house to do a photo shoot for the posters for our dear event. unfortunately it was only us four and i had initially worries about the photo looking empty, but Garry was fantastic and managed to round up five of people who work at ham house to help us, and he even joined in himself. he even joked that they should have their meetings like that as they talked about more important things while posing for the photo then they normally do in actual sit down meetings!
the photo itself took place around the back of the house as a magazine shoot was happening at the front of the house. cheeky gits!
bright colours were the name of the game as well and luckily the sun showed itself long enough to help with that, just enough before it started to rain again!
all in all it was a very fun and quick experience and hopefully when we do it again more of our group can join in and laugh about in a very natural photo shoot!
thanks to Christine too for making it possibly in the first place!

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