Monday, 15 March 2010


i have to be honest in this blog, but i know i need to appear calm as i feel a certain responsibility within the group as the 'chair', but honesty needs to come forward at some point, even if it is so i can show a variation of emotions in this blog!
sometimes i feel like I'm drowning in this all. i know i am not alone in this feeling especially as its third year. but there are moments where i look at what i need to do and for a short while its like i cannot breathe. i get panic attacks anyway, but only once in a while. and its like a mini one of those, where i can't see the woods for the trees. though after that initial 'AH!' moment i can start again.
i say this, not to make people panic themselves, but to reassure them. we all have our 'moments', its just how we hide it and the clarity that can come from the panic haze.
panic by all means, but when that's over we can all see not only what is on the last but how we can achieve it. i still believe we can pull this off, because at the end of the day its all about fecking team work! we are doing well, and even though i may have days when i feel suffocated i know i have a great team to pull me through.
at the end of the day it can be done, and we'll have silly organised fun doing it!

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  1. great blog emily.. i think we all get that feeling of panic as we think about things we have to achieve some more than others i hasten to add but you keep us together and though that is alot of responsibilty for you i'll be here to pull you back :) x