Monday, 1 March 2010

Meetings bore, design team thanks & Lund's spreadsheet cleverness

last weeks meeting (Thursday 25Th Feb) seemed to be a hard one. lots of talking over each other and private conversations, i understand that everyone wants their say but if we talk over one another we're not going to get anywhere. its important we listen to each other as someone may have a point that will solve all our problems and be a eureka moment!
also i have to apologise if I'm not always doing a great job as the 'Chair' of the meetings. i know that sometimes members think someone is talking too long or we are going around in circles but i only stop a person if i feel that the rest of the group are getting fed up- in a nice way of course!
in terms of the length of the meetings they are stretching into long hours, which can be a bit annoying i guess, but this is a big event and we need the time now to talk about these things otherwise the actual day will come and something will happen which we're not prepared for. its good to be bored in long meetings now than scared and unorganised on 'The Day'!
however, saying all that i think that everyone is doing a stella job as usual. the design team are brilliant on their Thursday 'show and tell' slot. the rest of us, me included, need to remember to bring in materials if we're asked and everyone should really stay and join in. it does seem that the meeting is over when we start to make things as its more fun and informal but its not fair if everyone were to disappear when the design team are kindly showing us what they've done.
Also mention to Charlotte and her quite epic, very impressive and brilliantly fantastical spreadsheet! it is quite something and i highly recommend that everyone takes a look. even if you don't have anything to put on it just take a look to calm yourselves if your worried about not contacting groups. not many people have got back to us but we are doing the leg work. well done Charlotte. good stuff!

talking about mingling, am very excited about the Thai tonight (monday 1st March) in Ham's Fox and Duck(?). its going to be more of an informal meeting i think and the looking around of the grounds at Ham House again will be a nice refresher. excited, just excited!

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  1. Emily- you're a brilliant chair. I believe in you but its just that everyone wants their say which is understandable and some people get impatient. No, I'm serious. You have a great calming effect on the group. Chaos is an understatement if I was to be the chair