Monday, 15 March 2010

little message after...

in that little message completely forgot to say how well the meeting went today. a little bit of going round and round but generally it was splendidly productive, especially at the end!
the Mexican night seems like its going to be a great laugh, but we need to come up with some extra things that we can sell to make that all important cash! maybe we could do pin the tail on the donkey, and it was mentioned that we could have BBQ. posters will be going out soon, and everyone is invited!
the photo for the poster for ham house was suppose to take place last friday (12th march), but an underwhelming response ie no response, meant it had to be cancelled. thank you and sorry to siobhan for trying to sort that out. you are doing fabulously and this wednesday we'll make the photo come to life. be there at 12.30 for the close up!...well no but still i'm looking forward to it!
new format for meetings will be tried on next thursdays meeting, i kow they tend to take forever but i like to get all what the groups are doing written down in my book, however i will be trying to get this process shortened to half an hour, possibly 45 mins. but i need everyone else during that time to shhh themselves and keep questions till i have finished with that group. the rest of the time will be filled with brainstorming and PRODUCTIVE what nots! lovely. anyway, ciao for now. see you all thursday!

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