Wednesday, 24 February 2010

belated blog!

what a hideously long time its been since my last blog but there you go.
everything seems to be running alright at the moment, not got a panic on yet which, to me, means that we are not in over our heads currently. but we have to be careful as that could switch at any moment. communication seems to be a factor in need of improvement, also attendance. granted that people can not attend every meeting but some don't turn up at all. i believe everyone to be working hard but because information is not being passed on it appears that this is not the case. its just about communication! i think that everyone would feel happier about things if they knew all the details. remember to send emails, hand over notes, or write it down and put it in the office! but as i said we're doing good. everyone is doing a fantastic job in their areas, such as jenny and jade on funding- they are on the ball!

as for the meetings the structure of those have improved. going through the each area and then opening it up for discussion and questions. after the meeting where all that happened was arguing and talking over on another, anything is a vast improvement. and for the record I appreciate the fact the group trusts me enough to let me be the Chair of the meetings. thanks!

as the event co ordinators, charlotte, briony and myself will be getting together very soon to write up a basic plan to how the day will run. but the need to know who has been contacted is quite important for this. its not going to be a 'this is DEFINITE' but its just to give Garry and george (house managers) piece of mind that we have our act together and that we are the best people for the job. its a big responsibility and The National Trust could have given this to a 'professional' group, but they gave it to us and we need to now show them that its the best thing they've done!

i'm excited!

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