Monday, 5 April 2010

catch up!

this is a catch up session!
1. MEXICAN NIGHT (24th march) was, i think its safe to say, a success. arrived at 10 to help out jenny and jade with transforming the su into Mexico, and it was very efficient and quick! jenny did a brilliant job and had a very clear idea of what was going to go where etc...even manged to get us some deals on drinks at the bar which was a bonus. my contribution was to create about a trillion cacti which were hung all around the room, but my favorite decoration, apart from the giant Mexican flag made out of bed sheets, was jenny herself. making yourself a waling fajita was just pure genius. in my three years i never thought i would be helping jenny stick peppers to her head. lots of fun! we also made a profit which is lovely and a relief! so well done the fund raising team. also to the design team for their design knowledge.
special thanks has to be made to Tina however, as it was very gracious of her to allow us to trust us with her room. although there were some issues with boundaries it was still very kind of her to let us in there in the first place!

2. MORRIS DANCING! too much fun! Zoe, Charlotte, Sarah and myself all made the trip into Kingston on the 29th march to join in with a group of Morris dancers. the hardest part was finding them! after arriving early we ended up arriving late because they were so hidden away. after going to the church, then the pub then to a church hall we ended up back at the church. lo and behold there they were. typical really!
after the wondering we had a lovely chat with a few of the members who wondered who we were. they all seemed very excited about our event, though i cannot say the same when they asked us to join in. I'm not going to lie, i am a bit rubbish with co ordination sometimes, so thought it best to bow out of the dancing so not to injury anyone. watching it looked fantastic, they all had smiles on there faces and if mistakes were made they were laughed off. the girls did a great job and decided i should try. i was not exactly thrilled as i set myself up for a fall, i didn't even understand the simple instructions! when it started though it just became fun. you really can't help but smile! leaping about all over the place and zig zagging around really is an enjoyable thing to do! they even trusted me with one of their baton/ stick things! i could have killed someone, but apparently baton related deaths are low in Morris dancing...
at the end i asked the guy what the dance was called. it was called 'Shepard's hay', and weirdly it comes from the village i live in, bidford upon avon! it really is a small world! of all the dances i could have been dragged into it was the one that was invented in my little village!

3. WORK. normally i hate my weekend job with a passion. seriously, it crushes your soul. however, over the last couple of weeks i have spotted things that have made it bearable! firstly there were some breakdancers across the road, and it was amazing to see them doing this incredible things. it wasn't long after they started that they gained a huge crowd around them. some of the moves they pulled were unbelievable.
next my manager decided to spend half an hour showing me videos off her mobile of her niece in a flash mob! this kid was about 12 and so were the rest of the participants. they were all dressed on sports gear and jumping around like crazy. though it wasn't jumping around really, it was a fantastic dance routine that they were performing. i was shocked to hear that it was the girl herself who had choreographed it!
if a 12year old girl can organise an impressive flash mob, I'm extremely certain that a bunch of young adults can pull our event off!

4. THE EVENT. i think now that the decision has been made to make the parade a story and to make the event a two day event is a relieving one. workshops will have less pressure on them and it seems like it has more of a purpose now. now we are going in the right direction!

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