Tuesday, 20 April 2010

generally :)

Its good to hear that our epic walk around on the 15th paid off! People are starting to get in touch with our email to see whats going down. we'll have to do it again nearer the date to remind peopel about it, and this time we really should include the saturday date to inform all about the 'Creative day'! Definitely had some aching the next day though, but worth it. Walking around Ham by Teddington lock i didn't realise how beautiful it was. You come off the main road and a few seconds later you're looking out over a wonderful park and the river. All very romantic!
everyone did a great job rectifying the leaflets at the pub, and thank you to mark for sorting out our paper routes! I don't think anyone got lost...also nice to see where the pubs are at.

Popped along to the production meeting today with Mark, Al, Paul, Patsy and Tina. I didn't have to be there apparently but stuck it out anyway and it proved very useful. Everyone was saying that it would be nice to have more communication with us as a group and also that we should draw up a 4week schedule for the 4 weeks that remain! So next meeting we'll hit that!
Over, all its all looking great. The ingenious story that Jen and Ben wrote was fantastic fun and I think everyone of all ages shall enjoy it! I look forward to seeing how the design team come up with building a goat, an oyster etc etc! Fun for all! Though major things were brought up, like power supply and quantaty of materials. It was nice to see what was being done on the other side of the line too, with tech and things...

One last thing, the events team will start putting together a running of the day, and who will be were. I know its hard, but trust us with the organisation! We're professionals...ha!
but basically its all good!

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