Monday, 10 May 2010

2 weeks to go! ek!

right oh! it is pretty much two weeks until the BIG event and it is all coming along nicely! still lots to sort out and organise but it will all be done and sorted by the time curtains are up.
everyone has/is doing a fantastic job, although there is a sense that its coming undone around the edges. we need to keep in contact and we need to keep focused! there is a little confusion generally about whats going down, take today for example. is it a meeting or is it leafleting?? everyone seems to be having different ideas! although it great that ben and jen have taken it upon themselves to organise a rehearsal schedule for their fantastic story. looking forward to getting that on its feet.
on an even better note- today i will be handing in my last ever essay! major nerves going on in my fingers...especially as i haven't finished it yet! but that's not the point- I'm going to be fecking ecstatic when i hand it in because that will mean i can spend the coming weeks of ham house and only ham house! that means undivided attention on our project! about time!
I've marked today in my diary as 'the final push' and that's exactly what it is!

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