Thursday, 13 May 2010

At the end of the day, when all is said and done...

Everything seems to be coming to a conclusion in my life at the moment. Our beloved Ham House project is rolling nicely into a fun but health and safety conscious event! I don't feel the urge to get student drunk all the time. University life is coming to a hault, with a high chance that I might even graduate and my house mates and I actually know what we are going to do for at least a year after we have finished. And the best part- I don't regret any of it. There is nothing in my life that I wish had been different, because, after it all, its come down to the here and now. And I'm content, happy and a little bit amazed its all turned out so blooming well! Granted, there may be times I'll think 'Oh b***er', but after the initial sense of panic/regret/another generic sad emotion, it will either be a turning point or just a small fraction into something bigger than that moment.
Keep Calm and Carry On, or, if you like: Buck up your ideas and get your arse into gear!

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