Tuesday, 20 October 2009

the wilderness

I once saw a show called the confessions of brother wormwood. It had a tiny circular stage and I didn't have much hope for it really. When it started I soon realised it was brilliant, the one thing that really stuck out about it, and still does 6 years on, is that the tiny stage was a revolving one! it was spilt into sections and was turned manually by the actors from scene to scene. It was simple but effective, and obiously memorable.
The reason I bring it up is not mearly for a trip down memory lane but that those small round summer houses that were in the 'wilderness' reminded me of that show. I thought it might be brillaint if we could do something like that at Ham House. Might take some work, but looking at photos of last years shananigans I think it could be possible.
But as always its just an idea and not a fully developed one!


  1. Very Brecht, us moving the revolving stage. I like it. So, as well as bringing back some of the history of the house we can tell stories from this summer house :)

  2. I keep forgetting that in summer we can fully utilise the gardens. I think it would be a great idea to revisit them and create stories around them again, only in more detail.