Wednesday, 14 October 2009


First blog in three weeks. Not a great start but better late then never.
Trying to figure out how to find people and follow their blogs is going to be testing...but for now i shall talk to myself.

Anyway, ever since people got freaked out by the cardboard cut outs of servants at Ham House I can't get out of my mind the idea of moving statues. Its just a thought, but maybe they could lead families around the house? Taking them from story to story?
Could be moving paintings even, a bit Harry Potter-esque...possibly.


  1. Wow! What a cracking idea. Statues in the garden that come to life and tour families round. Maybe only children can see them? Lots of games to play with freezing and unfreezing. Keep this on hold Emily -it'd be fun to develop.

  2. absolutly love this idea, its so original and magical for people of ages to enjoy.Plus there would be a lot of stories which could be created around this!!xx