Tuesday, 8 December 2009


its been a while. there are alot of reasons for this but none of them would make good excuses...
anyway, after the run through of the friday before last (27.11) I wasn't feeling exactly positive about the feedback that I received for my 'roaming' story. Granted it probably was too long, but I knew that but it was too late on the day to say so, plus i wanted to perform something. But the feedback seemed pretty much conclusive in the fact that most of what I did was, well, terrible. I could try and pass it off as an off day, but it really is unacceptable. So I decided the best thing to do would be to chuck it and start again. Now I have made a (very) short rhyme to throw at the unsuspecting public when they walk by. lovely. But i think going from one extreme to the other is a good idea...this way i may accidently give someone a heart attack but at least I will not be borng them to death.
now I am looking forward to performing in front of unknown subjects, something I haven't done for a YEAR!!!
nervous I am, but its that annoying nervous excitement that you get which will hopefully become nervous energy which will hopefully make it all the better...

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